Gliding Australia MOSP Part 5 Safety Management System

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This is version is approved by Board and CASA. Suggestions, constructive feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. welcomed.

New document baseline, total rewrite of GAus / Gliding Australia Safety Management System as a new Manual of Standard Procedures, to meet requirements for Gliding Australia approval as an ASAO under CASR Part 149. Supersedes all previous SMS documents.

Developed with reference to CASA SMS Resource Kit 2nd Edition, CASA Form 1591 SMS Evaluation Guide and Template, Part 149 Manual of Standards, AS ISO 31000 Risk Management.

References made to Gliding Australia Exposition, Gliding Australia Manual of Standard Procedures and supporting Manuals.

More educative focus. Simplified requirements for Clubs. Revised hazard and risk guidance. Coloured icons to assist document navigation included.

August 2022: Minor changes to organisational terminology, hyperlinks to references inserted to aid navigation to references

August 2022: Updated Section 5.3 Simplified risk management approaches

September 2022: Post CASA Discussions - New diagrams, clarification of SM role in National Aviation Safety Program, audits and safety assurance, new diagrams to assist readability

November 2022: CASA Feedback included. Paragraph numbers added, sections reorganised. Revised text on edits, assurance, communications, performance management, SOAR reporting, REPCON and ATSB reporting, ERPs. Hyperlinks added.

December 2022: CASA Application Part 149

August 2023: Updated emergency contact info and website links

November 2023. Amendments including CASA feedback. Now submitted for formal CASA Delegate Approval