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The ‘Local Independent Operator’ endorsement may be issued to suitably trained and qualified pilots who do not hold a GPC, that authorises them to fly locally without the supervision of a Level 2 Instructor. It is expected that pilots conducting Independent Operations apply Threat and Error Management (TEM) in relation to their proposed operations.

Requirements for initial issue

  • The pilot must have achieved competency in GPC Units 1 to 32 and 34 to 36.
  • Approval shall be by Logbook endorsement issued by the CFI.
  • Club Committee approval is required [The Club of a person exercising Local Independent Operator privileges is responsible for that person’s operations when the person is operating independently].


  • Local Independent Operations must be conducted within gliding range1 and within visual distance of the aerodrome, and no further than 25 NMs of the aerodrome reference point.
  • Before operating independently, a Local Independent Operator must inform their CFI (or delegate) and comply with any directions, privileges and limitations set by the CFI (or delegate).
  • Independent Private Passenger flights may only be conducted on a given day with CFI consent. Private passenger recency requirements at paragraph 10.5.3 of MOSP2 apply.
  • Local Independent Operator privileges do not apply if a Level 2 Instructor is supervising operations at the site.


  • The local independent operator endorsement shall be revalidated during the pilot’s periodic flight review