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UPDATED 17 JUNE 2023 - This Folder contains links to high value videos addressing gliding safety issues.  Suggestions and feedback should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Glider Canopy Flashers - Collision Risk Reduction Technology

Glider Canopy Flashers - YouTube Video
ow to install a Canopy Flasher ACL - YouTube Video
Installing Canopy Mounted Strobe SOTECC - Video
SOTECC See and Avoid - Video

G Dale Bale Out Advice - Must watch advice on experiences baling out after mid air collision in competition. Cockpit and parachute safety, preparation.  Presentation YouTube. Transcript document link below

Bale Out Tutorial for Sailplane Pilots - Very good demonstrations with equipment - Presentation YouTube

Gliding Australia CFI Conference August 2022 - 5 Risk & Safety Issues: Safety Manager presentation - Mixing it with other aircraft; Limits of pilot allowed maintenance; Time Critical Safety Interventions; Long Covid - Extending beyond IMSAFE to Collective Safety ARE WE SAFE; Gliding Australia Safety Network -Presentation YouTube

Aerotow Safety - Ballasted Glider:  From "ChessInTheAir" YouTube - Dangerous Aerotow - I almost stalled - Towplane flies too slow for my glider
Dangerous Aerotow

Glider IMC - Descent into Cloud Ridge Soaring, Loss of Control:  YouTube - Glider IMS Manawatu New Zealand
Glider IMC

Glider Winch Launch Accident - Wing Drop and Loss of Control: Youtube - Antti Ruokolainen - Schleicher ASK21 glider winch launch accident
Winch Launch Wing Drop

Aerotow Safety - Tug Upsets:   Realistic Condor Simulation video clips from British Gliding Association - many thanks BGA friends
Tug Upsets page - links to simulation videos
Vertical Tug Upset Nose Hook - Clip 1
ertical Tug Upset Nose Hook - Clip 2
Vertical Tug Upset Belly Hook - BH Clip 1
Vertical Tug Upset Belly Hook - BH Clip 2
Climbing Turn without Releasing - CT Clip 
Wing Drop Tug Yaw - TYaw Clip
Wing Drop Tug Groundloop - TGLoop Clip

More Aerotow Tug Upset Safety:

NZ YouTube Instruction video - Video

Safety: How to Winch Launch Safely Parts 1 and 2: From British Gliding Association - many thanks BGA friends - YouTube
Winch Launch Pt1
Winch Launch Pt2

Spin Avoidance - Avoiding the Spin: YouTube Mike Fox - UK Video from pilots perspective, VG narrative and demonstrations
Avoiding the Spin

Safety Culture and Outcomes - Sidney Dekker Videos: YouTube videos from Aviation safety experts
Understanding Human Error Part 1
Understanding Human Error Part 2
Understanding Human Error Part 3
Safety Differently The Movie
Safety I & II & S Differently

Airworthiness - Propellor Departure Webinar
Gliding Australia AW Webinar 26 April 2022

Airworthiness - Flight Envelope Webinar
Gliding Australia AW Webinar 19 May 2022

Airworthiness - Flutter Webinar
Gliding Australia AW Webinar 2 June 2022 



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