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If you want the AN Schedule you can get it in the spreadsheet

GFA AD AN AWA Register Report yyyy-mm-dd.xls

in the folder one step back; AD Schedules. Every AD, AWA, AN and other useful document that we know about for Australian gliders is listed in here.

GFA Airworthiness Department


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pdf Gfa 004an (345 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 15 KB)
pdf Gfa 005an CANCELLED (117 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 28 KB)
pdf Gfa 010an CANCELLED (115 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 108 KB)
pdf Gfa 023an (441 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 179 KB)
pdf Gfa 024an (369 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 58 KB)
pdf Gfa 029an CANCELLED 2020.04.22 (50 downloads) Download (pdf, 811 KB)
pdf Gfa 038an (405 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 66 KB)
pdf Gfa 039an CANCELLED (106 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 60 KB)
pdf Gfa 041an CANCELLED (108 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 46 KB)
pdf Gfa 044an (371 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 80 KB)
pdf Gfa 053an (303 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 124 KB)
pdf Gfa 057an (344 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 573 KB)
pdf Gfa 059an CANCELLED 2020.04.20 (22 downloads) Download (pdf, 252 KB)
pdf Gfa 069an (974 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 766 KB)
pdf Gfa 075an issue 4 (829 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 345 KB)
pdf Gfa 084an issue5 (806 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 641 KB)
pdf Gfa 085an issue3 (668 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 32 KB)
pdf Gfa 098an (226 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 441 KB)
pdf Gfa 112an (142 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 164 KB)
pdf Gfa 116an (131 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 80 KB)