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Badge Claim Process

This document describes the process for making a claim for a Badge Flight - Silver C, Gold C, and Diamonds - or a claim for a flight Distance certificate such as 750km or 1000km.


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GO MEMBERSHIP - Club affiliation and details.pdf

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GoMembership Credentials and Qualifications.pdf

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GM Member Profile.pdf

Download your Member Profile

Use Go Membership to download your profile or licence. GPC, Sporting Licence, credentials, Qualifications

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First Login Process-1.pdf

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GoMembership for Clubs

This document is an introduction to GoMembership for Club Administrators, to step through the process of logging in and using the features designed specifically for clubs.

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GoMembership for Members

This document is an introduction to GoMembership for Members, to step through the process of logging in, renewing membership and other features for members.