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GFA Basic Sailplane Engineering AIRW-M05 V24.1 2023.05.24

This manual sets down the technical standards and procedures for GFA authorised Annual Inspectors when inspecting sailplanes. It also serves as a standard reference of technical standards and procedures for all persons involved in the maintenance of GFA registered sailplanes so as to ensure a consistent, correct, and high standard is achieved.

The GFA Manual of Standard Procedures (MOSP) Part 3 - Airworthiness sets down the GFA procedures such as; the GFA Maintenance system which fills the place of CAR Part 4 and 4A to which GFA hold an exemption, sailplane registration and certification, minimum equipment and placarding, inspection and repair requirements and the authorisation of inspectors and their responsibilities. It also details the requirements for amateur built sailplanes. It is intended to be a simpler and clearer guide to the airworthiness rules/ regulations that apply to gliding than the Australian Regulations and is mandatory to all GFA members. Basic Sailplane Engineering (BSE) manual as the primary reference on how to perform the GFA Standard System of Maintenance.