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document 1 Guidance on MOSP Part 3 Popular

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1 Guidance on NEW MOSP Part 3.docx

Updated 10/08/2018:

MOSP 3 and the current MTARs are mandatory. MTARs may over-ride MOSP and are temporary updates that will be incorporated in MOSP in the next version.

pdf MOSP 3 v8 AIRW-M01 2017-07-11 Popular

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MOSP 3 v8 AIRW-M01 2017.07.11 .pdf

AIRW-M01 MOSP 3 v8 dated 11.07.2017 - CASA Approved 

pdf MTAR 1-2017 LiFePO4 Batteries 2017.08.01 Popular

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MTAR LiFePO4 Batteries 1.08.2017.pdf

FUSION LiFePO4 battery and charger approval. 

pdf MTAR 1-2018 Release ADs Cancelled-Now BSE Sect.16 2018.01.11 Popular

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MTAR 1-2018a Release ADs Cancelled-BSE 11.01.2018.pdf

GFA AD277 and AD293 are now cancelled. Release manditory maintenance requirements is now found in BSE Sect.16.