Glider Pilot Training Record

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Glider Pilot Training Record

This document is designed to track a student's training progress and to ensure continuity of training. It is intended that once the student has been briefed and/or had some element of the syllabus demonstrated to them, the instructor will complete the ‘Briefed’ column for that part of the syllabus in the training record. As the student demonstrates the required competence in a topic, their instructor will sign off the training record for the competency met. While the record has been designed to flow in line with the GPC syllabus, it is not necessary that the student demonstrates proficiency in an element before proceeding to the next. The instructor will progress their training based on the student’s ability, aircraft availability and the weather conditions on the day, and may make notes to assist the trainee in the ‘Additional Notes’ at the end of the document.

The Glider Pilot Training Record is also available for online purchase from the GFA store. It is A5 size, in full colour, and spiral bound to make it easy to use on the airfield.