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Gfa ad 460 issue 2


Applicability: H301 Libelle; H301B Libelle; Standard Libelle; Standard Libelle 201B; Club Libelle 205; Hornet; 304; Kestrel; T59 Kestrel (all variants) and H101 Salto. Over the years there have been repeated incidents and accidents where the aileron drive gimbal for the left wing is installed in the right wing and vice versa. The incorrect installation of the gimbals causes the aileron movement to be reversed. Issue 2: Contact with the agent, Glasfaser, has revealed that in the Mosquito and Mosquito b the aileron drive is different and so painting of the aileron drives is not necessary and the type is removed from the Type Affected list. At the next annual inspection the aileron gimbals from the left wing must be painted bright red and the gimbals from the right wing must be painted bright green. After reinstalling the ailerons the system must be independently checked for correct movement.