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Gfa ad 304 Issue 4 2014 12 26


Applicable to 1. SZD-41A Jantar Standard. Serial Numbers B-628 to B-933 excluding B-700 to B-703; 2. SZD-48 Jantar Standard 2. Serial Numbers W-846 to W-890; 3. SZD-48-1 Jantar Standard 2. Serial Numbers W-891 to W-926 and B-985 to B-1274 excluding B-1266 and B-1268.; 4. SZD-48-3 Jantar Standard 3. Serial Number B-1275 and above and SZD-48-2 Jantar Standard 2 serial numbers B-1266 and B-1268. Overseas fatigue testing has shown that the service life of Jantar Standard gliders may be increased beyond the manufacturer’s initial service life of 1500 hours. The service life of gliders listed in 1, 2 and 3 above can be increased to 6000 hours provided that the Spar spigot pins are replaced with a later design in accordance with PZL-Bielsko Service Bulletin BE-037/89. The service life of gliders listed in 4 is increased from 3000 to 6000 hours. The manufacturer has also taken the opportunity to eliminate the 6 yearly inspections. In Australia this requirement was waived in 1986 because the inspection schedule simply covers items which are part of a normal Annual Inspection. Recently GFA has found a Jantar where the pins were replaced prior to 1989 with old style pins, and signed off on this AD. It was therefore not safe from pin failure and required the new pins. The Registered Operator must check all Jantars for date of pin replacement and that pins from pre-1989 are the new style. Visible on derig, no destruction.