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This AN is intended to give owners and operators of sailplanes and powered sailplanes some basic information and guidance on the function and care of their harnesses. This AN is in addition to the specific maintenance guide-lines set out in Basic Sailplane Engineering section 1.8. Issue 3 was raised to remove and replace obsolete references and include additional material. The essential function of the safety harness is correct restraint of the pilot and to dissipate the acceleration forces that occupants of moving vehicles may be subjected. The maximum loads which the harness system is expected to absorb according to EASA Certification Standards (CS 22) is 9g forward, 4.5 g upward, 3.0 g sideward and 4.5 g downward.  This means that a human body weighing 110 kg loads the webbing, seats and attachment points to the equivalent of 990 kg. All components of the harness and the harness attachment points must withstand this load. Recent studies have suggested that this loading is within the capacity of most people to survive. To ensure this level of strength the inspection procedures on harnesses will need to be adhered to very closely.