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Gfa 081an issue 4



Eiriavion Service Bulletin M 10 approved the optional installation of Pik 20 E water ballast bags (140 l) and an increase in the maximum takeoff weight to 450 kg in Pik 20 sailplanes with serial numbers 20004 - 20067, 20076, 20076, 20077 and 20080. Note: This modification was previously approved in GFA AD 150 which has been cancelled. Owners should note that the maximum flying weight on the back of the Certificate of Airworthiness must be amended to 450 kg by the CTOA before the higher weights can be used. Item 1. A Pik 20E and a Pik 20D have been found with substantial corrosion of the metal components inside both wings. If rust can be seen on the outside of tubes or bolt heads then all of the fittings should be stripped from the wings, corrosion treated and re-fitted. Item 2: After adjusting the TOST release mechanism from a Pik 20D an inspector found that when the PIK lever arm was refitted to the release it touched the back of the release body and prevented the mechanism from going overcentre. The problem was rectified by careful removal of metal from the lever arm so that a small clearance was obtained between the arm and the release body.