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This issue corrects Item 12 (Technical Note No 28, not TN No 25) and adds Item 13 (TN No 295-29, previously issued in error as AN 150) and Item 14 (hints to help prevent take-off with unlocked canopy). Maintenance Tips- 1. During an annual inspection of a Janus B the L’Hotellier balls and couplings were found to be galled after only 150 hours in service. It was found that the balls were binding when the dive brakes were actuated because the coupling had been rotated during maintenance to couple from the top rather than the side. Approved Modifications- 1. Schempp-Hirth technical note 295-3 describes the optional installation of water ballast bags in early serial number gliders which were not built with water ballast tanks. 2. Schempp-Hirth technical note 295-6 permits the removal of the tail parachute. 3. Schempp-Hirth technical note 295-8 describes the optional conversion of Janus to Janus B by replacing the all flying tail with tailplane and elevator. 4. Schempp-Hirth technical note 295-9 describes the optional installation of a nose hook. 5. Schempp-Hirth technical note 295-10 describes the optional installation of trim ballast6. Schempp-Hirth technical note 295-12 describes the optional installation of adjustable rudder stops. 7. Schempp-Hirth technical note 295-13 describes the optional installation of a hydraulic disc brake. 8. Schempp-Hirth technical note 295-15 describes an optional modification to the rudder system which eliminates the rear bellcrank. 9. Schempp-Hirth technical note 295-17 describes the optional installation of a tail wheel on Janus B and Janus C models. 10. Schempp-Hirth technical note 295-24 describes the optional installation of ‘Wedekind’ safety sleeves for safetying of L’Hotellier couplings instead of the conventional safety pins. 11. Schempp-Hirth technical note 295-25 describes the optional installation of an enlarged fin and a stiffened tailplane on the Janus C. 12. Schempp-Hirth technical note 295-28 describes the optional amendment of the flight manual for higher minimum front seat loads. 13.  Schempp-Hirth Technical Note No 295-29 describes the optional amendment of the flight manual to reflect a reduction of the minimum front cockpit load taking into account the weight of the occupant of the rear seat (this TN was issued in error as AN 151, which is hereby cancelled). 14.  A number of cases have occurred in Australia of Janus canopies coming open in flight, in most cases because they were not properly locked before take-off and the pilot(s) did not detect this during their checks.