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1. Glasflugel Technical Note 201-12 allows the conversion of Standard Libelle to Standard Libelle 201B. The only change is the addition of water ballast bags as the changed operating limits (higher speeds and weights) have already been incorporated. Because the Type designation is changed by adding water ballast bags the CTO should be contacted regarding updating the Certificates of Registration and Airworthiness. 2. Glasflugel Technical Note 201-16 describes the optional installation of 1/8” cables in the rudder circuit to replace the original 3/32” cables. This modification involves the replacement of the 8 mm ‘S’ tubes with 9 mm ‘S’ tubes. 3. Glasfaser Technical Note 201-30 describes the optional installation of factory winglets. DEFECTS: 1. One case has been reported where the airbrake handle broke off due to corrosion of the main tube under the chrome plating. 2. Freeplay- The rudder drive is by a gimbal/ skew-bar mechanism at the rudder. This develops freeplay in a number of wear points. The flight manual does not specify freeplay but the Service Life Extension Program specifies the embodied limits listed in this AN.  MAINTENANCE TIPS: 1. Airbrake overcentre. It is common for the overcentre forces on the airbrakes in the Standard Libelle to be quite high regardless of whether the older upper and lower divebrakes or the newer upper only divebrakes are installed. 2.Rudder cable fairleads. Experience has shown that it is possible for the nylon fairleads which the rudder cable passes through to move in the fibreglass thereby restricting rudder movement.