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The Gliding Federation of Australia Inc (GFA) is a CASA Approved Self-administering Aviation Organisation (ASAO) under Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) Part 149.

The Gliding Federation of Australia Inc (GFA) is an Incorporated Association registered in Victoria, and Trading as Gliding Australia.

GFA consists of a central organisation, supporting a federation of Regional Associations and gliding clubs. Gliding is both a recreational aviation pursuit and competitive sport.

The role of GFA is to provide a framework for safe gliding operations and airworthiness, specified in the Exposition and supporting Manuals.

This Manual of Standard Procedures (MOSP) outlines the rules by which gliding operations are conducted in Australia. Organisations affiliated with Gliding Australia and individuals becoming members must agree to accept and operate within these rules.

This document will be reviewed annually by the Gliding Australia National Operations Panel and amendments approved in accordance with Gliding Australia’s Change Management procedures as required by Regulation subpart 149.C.