2020 - OAN 01/20 Flight Reviews

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2020 - OAN 01/20 Flight Reviews

A flight review is a cooperative endeavour to provide the pilot with a periodic assessment of their flying skills and to determine if there has been any deterioration in areas that may adversely affect flight safety. The review should be a proficiency evaluation accomplished in an economical and expeditious manner while providing a learning experience, rather than the pressure of a check ride atmosphere. The goal of the review should be established in a discussion between the pilot and flight instructor prior to beginning the review. Each review shall be individually tailored to meet, at the reasonable discretion of the flight instructor, the safe operating demands of the pilot. The primary objective of any review is to assess the pilot’s knowledge of, and ability to successfully perform, safe flight operations. Flight instructors are encouraged to determine the safe operating needs of each pilot and then formulate a meaningful review tailored to meet those needs. This document provides some guidelines for the conduct of the Flight Review.