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Gfa 175an Issue3


Applicable to all self launching and power assisted sailplanes, fitted with 2 stroke, 4 stroke, rotary and jet engines. This includes Experimental and Light Sports Aircraft. Ref. GFA Airworthiness Directive AD 687 (as amended) and GFA Engineering Order MB18-12-1 (as amended). This AN outlines aspects and considerations for the containment and the retardation of engine compartment fires, endeavoring to provide sufficient time for appropriate pilot action to be taken. Issue 2 of AD 687 moves GFA Engineering Order MB18-12-1 to AN 175 Issue 3. The attached Engineering Order is advisory despite the use of the word ‘mandatory’, but is highly recommended and should be considered. (1) A BRIEF HISTORY: Over the past 3 decades, in Australia and worldwide, there have been numerous powered sailplane fires both in flight and on the ground. In addition, many instances have been found of potential fire hazards in the form of fuel leaks, oil leaks and deficient exhaust systems. Instances found of fires starting, then self-extinguishing. Adding to the mix are some powered sailplane types that may not fully meet the fire protection standards set by OSTIV, LSFM, JAR, and CS when originally certified. The following extracts from accident reports highlight the need for adequate fire containment and retardation. This also emphasizes the need for engine and systems maintenance to be of the highest possible standard. The GFA powered sailplane fleet is aging and that contributes to the potential for fire.